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What Our Patients Are Saying...

“Feeney Chiropractic is amazing.  Dr. John is very knowledgeable and definitely my first choice in care.  Additionally, the staff could not be nicer or more helpful.”

J. Hill


I was involved in an auto accident in February 2002. After seeing a pain management doctor for three weeks and taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, I was referred to Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre. Cathy was my first contact at Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre. She was both helpful and kind. I next met Dr. Feeney, and he was the most caring and knowledgeable doctor I had ever met. After my first visit I knew that Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre was a good choice for me.

S. Miller

I can't thank you enough for the help you have given me over the past year. Before visiting your office, I thought I was going to have to learn to live with the pain in my shoulder. But over the months, you have totally eliminated the pain. The staff's friendly and relaxed attitudes have made visiting the office a pleasure. I feel as though I've gained a second family as well as a great new doctor. Thank you very much.

M. Lozullo

I was referred to Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre by a close friend who had been listening to my complaints of constant pain and discomfort in my neck and lower back. It had been like this for 18 months and I had just decided to live with the pain because I had been to physical therapy and it had not helped, so I figured how could this? Well, it's been three months and with my adjustments and prescribed therapies along with their patience and understanding I am very close to being pain free. Once a skeptic and ready to live in pain, I am a true believer in chiropractic care and am ever grateful to Dr. John Feeney and the terrific staff. Thank you so much for being there when i needed you and your continual support.

A. Smith

I came to Feeney Chiropractic in September 2000 because of injuries sustained when I was rear-ended by another car while sitting in traffic. I had a hyper-extended neck, pulled chest muscles, shoulder and back pain. The pain to my neck and shoulders was most agonizing. So much so that I struggled to complete a semester of classes at Goldey Beacom, and had to cancel the classes I had scheduled for the following semester to concentrate on getting better. The 4 to 4-1/2 hour classes of sitting were unbearable. I was able to maintain my full time job because I had the freedom to move freely and avoid constant sitting in one position for long periods. It bothered me immensely to rearrange my life because I was physically restricted. I was very uncomfortable at times to the point of tears, and yet angry to be going through this disruption in my very organized and active life. This at times would discourage me but Dr. John and his staff continued to provide encouragement. No matter how I felt when I arrived for treatment, I always left physically and mentally better!

It has been about eight months now and I'm feeling fantastic! I can't say enough about the Feeney Chiropractic Care Center. I try though, as I will boast to anyone and everyone who will listen. My company recently organized a health fair and I invited Feeney Chiropractic to come and display their practice. I want others to experience what I've experienced. You may be discouraged in the beginning but hang in there. You can only get better with the assistance of the best Chiropractic Care Center around! I've not only recovered from my car accident injuries, I feel better than ever and then some! Most of all I have acquired an awesome group of friends that go above and beyond. Thanks just isn't enough!

C. Carey

On July 9, 1997, I decided to hang my curtains up in the living room. I was just about finished when I suddenly fell off the chair. The coffee table was right below me and I slammed my head on the edge of it, and my back hit into the middle of it as well. The impact broke the table in half. Thank God my mother was there at the time to help me, because the fall left me paralyzed for three hours! After one full month my neck and back were still hurting me. My father suggested I see Dr. Feeney to have it checked out. I called and talked to Judy and made my appointment. I came to the office and had an exam and x-rays done. Then Dr. Feeney showed me the x-rays so I could see how bad my back really was. After just two to three weeks of care I was feeling so much better, and I could once again move my neck. I'd really like to thank everyone at Dr. Feeney's for helping me feel better again.

C. Buresch

Due to a number of job changes, I have been to several chiropractors. Not surprisingly, all of my back problems have occurred in connection with lifting furniture and boxes and surviving the stress related to the moves associated with my jobs. My transfer to Delaware in April 1993 was no exception. My back again injured, I hobbled, unable to drive, to the lawyer's office for the closing on my Delaware home. My real estate agent graciously recommended Dr. Feeney. I am very glad she did.

Within a few weeks, Dr. Feeney had me pain-free. Within just a couple of months, I could lift and walk normally. Compare this with the first time I hurt my back: without chiropractic care and supported only by very strong (and intoxicating) prescription muscle relaxants, it was seven months before I had my first pain-free day. 1-1/2 years later I was still afraid to ski or move normally. My need for the muscle relaxants to kill the pain was increasing. That is when I first consulted a chiropractor, with excellent results

No chiropractor I dealt with before, however, has offered as practical an approach to chiropractic care as Dr. Feeney. For example, no other chiropractor established firm treatment goals at the beginning of our relationship, i.e. the period of time that i would be coming every day, the period of time that I would be coming three times, twice and one time per week, etc. No other chiropractor adhered to a strict schedule of re-examinations to determine progress, nor were any re-examinations as thorough as those performed by Dr. Feeney and his staff.

The treatment goals established and followed by Dr. Feeney let me know that the time spent in getting adjustments was paying off. As a result i was encouraged to stick to the adjustment schedule. I am also willing, after the period of initial adjustment is over, to maintain a schedule of regular chiropractic treatment.

By establishing treatment goals, following them as closely as my schedule would allow, and reducing the number of times I had to visit his office, Dr. Feeney let me know that he was truly interested in my getting and feeling better. It has been a pleasure being treated by Dr. Feeney. he has a wonderful style and method of chiropractic care. And his office staff is also to be applauded! They are always up-beat, welcoming and friendly. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone. I especially recommend the services provided by Feeney Chiropractic.

M. Few

In July, I was diagnosed with stage III lyme disease. I had been treated several times with IV treatments and put on antibiotics and pain killers as an inpatient. My joints ached and swelled and would have to be drained. The following April, I decided to see if the Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre could help with my lyme disease since I was not getting any relief from the other doctors. Since then, I have not had to receive any IV's or take antibiotics nor pain killers. Yes, I do still have a little pain now and then, because lyme disease has left me with rheumatory arthritis. Dr. Feeney is now working with me and is keeping the pain liveable without any medications. Without Dr. Feeney's help, I would still be in extreme pain and on all kinds of medications.

I would like to thank Dr. Feeney for all he is doing for me... it is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank Dr. Feeney's staff for being so kind and helpful. You're the BEST! I come from a small community where not many people believe that chiropractic care can help with sickness. Since I have been using chiropractic care, I am a firm believer that it can and does help everyone.

D. Corkell

The staff here... what can I say. They are the best and eager to help you in your recovery.

C. Riley

Thank you Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre for making my back feel better! I had a baby and after three months my back went out. I had pain running down my leg and I could not sit comfortably at all. After going to my doctor, I found out I had a herniated disc. The doctor prescribed pain medicine and physical therapy. After eight weeks of physical therapy I was still feeling bad and the pain did not go away. I started to get depressed because I was not myself any more. I was always the active type and liked to keep in shape and thought how could this happen to me? I went to a surgeon and he suggested surgery. This was not an option for me since I just had a baby and I would need bed rest then physical therapy and it was not guaranteed.

My brother recommended going to Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre since it helped him. A few months later and I am feeling much better. The pain in my leg went away and I have more flexibility and I am starting to work out again. Getting your back aligned FIRST then doing physical therapy absolutely makes sense. Thank you again!

D. Ament

After two months of therapy, my shoulder is feeling great! I am amazed at how much better I feel. Thank you Dr. John for making a believer out of me and helping me feel like myself again. I am truly a satisfied patient.

B. Bartz

I would like to thank Dr. John and his staff for a job well done. For the caring environment and for putting me back on my feet. My shoulder and neck pain has improved and my headaches are gone. I would recommend chiropractic care... it's great.

B. Thomas

I am writing to thank you for my full recovery. In August, I began to experience pain in my lower back and right leg. My physician prescribed medication and sent me home to rest. After many visits to him and no relief, I came to your office in October with many doubts. Your staff helped me tremendously. You explained my problem to me in great detail and told me what had to be done. You answered all my questions. That I especially thank you for. Today I feel great! I am back to a normal life once again. With your guidance on proper nutrition, vitamins and exercise, I plan to stay that way!

C. Trimble

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